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Shore Excursion Information


Shore excursion information

We now produce a unique, dedicated cruise guide, created individually for each Voyages to Antiquity cruise. You can also find the shore excursion info for your cruise on the specific cruise page on our website. Cruise guides for the full 2019 season coming soon.

South Africa, Namibia, & the Atlantic Coast | AEG190313Download › 
Classic Civilisations of the Southern Mediterranean | AEG190413Download › 
Classical Greece & Islands of the Aegean | AEG190426  Download › 
The Black Sea & Greek Islands | AEG190504Download ›
Classical Greece & Southern Italy | AEG190515Download ›
Renaissance Italy & Historic Islands | AEG190525Download ›
European Connoisseur | AEG190606Download ›



Should you have any more questions about your cruise, visit our Frequently asked questions area or get in touch.