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Reading Guides for 2019 cruises


Reading Guides

Voyages to Antiquity, together with renowned UK bookseller Blackwell’s, has put together a selection of books which provide the perfect accompaniment to your voyage. Full 2019 reading guides are coming soon.

South Africa, Namibia & the Skeleton Coast | AEG190313Download ›
Classic Civilisations of the Southern Mediterranean | AEG190413Download ›
Classical Greece & Islands of the Aegean | AEG190426Download ›
The Black Sea & Greek Islands | AEG190504Download ›
Renaissance Italy & Historic Islands | AEG190525Download ›
European Connoisseur | AEG190606Download ›
Land of the Midnight Sun | AEG190618Download ›
The Norwegian Fjords | AEG190716Download ›
Iceland, Faroes & Shetlands | AEG190730Download ›
The Three Rivers | AEG190814Download ›


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