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Passenger Information Update

Thank you for booking with us! We can't wait to have you on board. Before you travel, though, you need to make sure all your passenger information is up to date. 

Voyages to Antiquity requires all guests to provide full passport details, including addresses and next of kin information prior to issuance of final documentation. The personal information provided is only passed on as required to our air providers, in accordance with government regulations, port authorities and other suppliers of your travel arrangements for the purposes of customs, visas, and immigration clearance. It is the responsibility of the guest/s to ensure that all names and passport information is correct and matches the details printed in the relevant passports. Incorrect information may be subject to a cost being incurred for changes to be made. FINAL DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL THIS INFORMATION IS RECEIVED.
Please note the Passenger Information Update section will be closed at 55 days prior to travel. If you have any questions please contact our Reservations Team.

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