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Money Matters

A cashless system is operated on board the Aegean Odyssey, with all purchases charged to your cabin account for settlement at the end of your cruise. You will be required to register a credit card at reception shortly after embarkation. All charges are in USD. Your final account can be settled in US$, UK£, EU€, and AU or NZ$.

Exchange rates used are daily rate of exchange in place at time of settlement. Credit cards accepted for final settlement are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo only are accepted. American Express cardholders will be charged a service fee of 2%. Voyages to Antiquity regrets that personal and traveller’s checks, and pre-loaded cash cards cannot be accepted.

Note: A pre-authorization hold of funds will be placed on the credit card at time of registration. This ‘hold of funds’ will release once the initial charges have been approved for settlement by the cardholders’ bank.

Gratuities Onboard

Gratuities for the services you receive on board Aegean Odyssey from your cabin steward and dining room staff are included in your cruise fare. Naturally, guests at their own discretion may wish to show their appreciation to individuals offering exceptional service.

Please note that a service charge of 12.5% is automatically added to your account for any bar service.

Currency Exchange Rates

For up-to-the-minute exchange rates, consult a major newspaper or bank. You can also check via the web at .

There is no need to obtain local currency before your trip, although we suggest that you exchange some money at the airport on arrival. ATM's are widely available in most international airports.

Traveler's checks may be difficult to exchange ashore and personal checks are generally not accepted overseas. Credit cards, Euros, US dollars and debit cards are accepted virtually everywhere.

If you use a credit card, you may want to compare the fees your card charges beforehand and verify that it can be used internationally. Note that many banks impose a fee for ATM usage, so check with your bank for overseas affiliations.

Gratuities Ashore

Porterage of your luggage is included between the Aegean Odyssey and the port customs areas, and if you have purchased air or optional land programmes from Voyages to Antiquity, overseas airport and overseas hotel porterage is also included (except inside baggage halls where our staff or porters are not allowed to enter).

If you are travelling independently of Voyages to Antiquity air or land programmes, a good rule of thumb for porterage is $2 to $3 per bag.

On shore excursions, it is customary to show your appreciation to the guide and driver and we recommend the following guideline:

  • Local Guide, per person: $2 to $3 depending on tour length

  • Driver, per person: $1 to $2 depending on tour length