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  • What are the arrangements for shore excursions?

    A shore excursion guide is sent to you with your Final Documents. We include escorted sightseeing in most ports of call. In some ports we offer a choice of included sightseeing and in others, you have the option to purchase additional sightseeing tours.

    Group sizes vary according to the day’s programme but there are generally 35-42 people per coach.

    For full descriptions of the included and optional shore tours on each itinerary, please visit our Shore Experience page.

  • What if I am put in a different shore excursion group from my close friend?

    When organising the groups for the excursions, travelling partners are always taken into account. If for some reason this has been missed, please see the Excursion Manager on board and he/she will take care of it for you.

    Please ensure you advise us or your Travel Agent at time of booking if you are travelling with other guests who are not sharing your cabin.

  • Can I change my excursion choices on board once I have handed in my excursion sign-up sheet?

    Yes, there is an excursion desk where you can come and discuss your options with the ship tour staff.

  • How much notice is needed for signing up or changing excursion choices?

    For optional excursions or where there is a choice of included excursions 48 hours notice is generally needed.

    For included excursions where there is only one excursion operated, 24 hours notice is sufficient. If you should cancel an optional excursion with less than 48 hours notice unfortunately a refund cannot be guaranteed, unless it is on medical grounds.

  • Where can I find more detailed information on the excursions?

    Extra information (more than in the Shore Excursion booklet) can be obtained from the tour desk – especially about walking grades.

    You can also book an appointment to discuss each of the excursions in more detail with the Excursion Manager. In addition, we hold excursion briefings on every port where hand-outs of important information are distributed.

    You are encouraged to attend these short briefings and this is the perfect opportunity to ask any last minute questions so that you get the best of your sightseeing experience.

  • How fit do I need to be to participate in your shore excursions?

    Every site varies in terms of ground surface, number of steps and walking distance involved. We have created some guidelines to help you have an idea of what's involved. Each tour has been graded on a scale of 1 to 3 - see below for more information.

    1. Moderate walking over relatively level terrain and some steps

    2. Medium to heavy walking indicates cobblestones or slippery surfaces and some stair climbing.

    3. Heavy walking for one or more hours over uneven terrain, with multiple uphill segments or where the excursion features climbing in and out of local boats or small vehicles.

    It is important that you read our ‘Fitness to Travel’ section which can be found by clicking here.

    If you have any concerns we recommend that you have a chat with the Excursion Manager once you get on board. Alternatively, give us a call in the office before departure so we can go through it with you. 

  • What does the colored sticker on my cruise card mean?

    This is the excursion color group to which you have been assigned.

    You will remain in this group for the duration of the cruise. For some excursions it will be one color group per coach and on other occasions color groups will be combined.