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Cruises to Sicily

No other island in the Mediterranean is of more strategic value than Sicily. This autonomous region of Italy is located right at the toe of its mother country’s “boot” and has been fought over from the time of Carthage to World War II, leaving it with a remarkable wealth of artistic and archaeological heritage. From the extremely well-preserved temples of Segesta and Selinunte to the sparkling Byzantine and Norman treasures of Palermo and Monreale, Sicily never fails to impress. Add to this the Greek theatre of Taormina and the natural spectacle of Vesuvius, you will soon agree with Goethe's observation that: "Sicily is the key to everything".

In 2019, our small-ship, Aegean Odyssey will explore the island’s fascinating history starting in April on the Classical Civilisations of the Southern Mediterranean voyage from Malaga to Athens and later in the season from Rome to Athens as part of the Italian & Adriatic Highlights.  

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