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Cookie Policy

Some of the cookies are essential, like the 'in-session' cookies which are used every time you load our website and expire when you leave the website. Other types of cookies are used to monitor our website performance so that we can outline areas for improvement.  

By using our website, you are consenting to our use of cookies. They improve how this website functions by:

  • remembering settings for your browsing session, e.g. the country version of the website you are currently browsing
  • remembering information you’ve given (e.g. in a form) so you don’t need to keep entering it
  • measuring how you use our website so we can make sure it meets your needs

Our cookies aren't used to identify you personally. They're just here to make the site work better for you. You can manage and/or delete these small files as you wish. To learn more about cookies and how to manage, edit or delete them, visit ›

To find out more about how and where we use cookies on our website, please read on.

The types of Cookies we use

Storing your approximate region of residence

Our company operates from several offices around the world and we aim to provide you with information about our products and services which is most relevant to the region you load the website from. Once we identify your approximate location (based on country), we display the relevant regional version of the website and store this setting into a cookie, so that this information is remembered next time you visit our website.

We still inform you which regional website you have landed on, just in case you wish to change this setting yourself (e.g. you might be travelling at the moment).

NameTypical contentExpires in
useWebsiteinteger number3 months

Session Cookies

While browsing our website, or filling out a form, we would use a transient cookie so that certain selections you have made are remembered, for example the address in the cruise enquiry form until the moment you submit it, or the regional version of the website you are currently browsing . These selections are only stored within your current browsing session, they are not stored on your computer and are necessary in order for the website to work better.

NameTypical contentExpires in
PHPSESSIDrandomly generated string of letters and numbersat the end of the session or when you close your browser

Measuring website usage (Google Analytics)

We use Google Analytics to collect information about the number of visitors to our website and how they use it. We do this to make sure it's meeting the needs of its users and to understand how we could improve it in the future.

Google Analytics stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. We do not collect or store your personal information (e.g. your name or address) so this information cannot be used to identify who you are. We do not allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

The following cookies are set by Google Analytics:

NameTypical contentExpires in
_utmarandomly generated numbertwo years
_utmcrandomly generated numberwhen you close your browser
_utmvrandomly generated numberwhen you close your browser
_utmzrandomly generated number and information on how the site was reached (e.g. direct or via a link, organic search or paid search)6 months

You can opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites by visiting ›

Facebook cookies

To connect to Facebook using the "Like" feature on our homepage, Facebook sets the following cookies:

NameTypical contentExpires in
actrandomly generated stringat the end of session
c_userrandomly generated numberat the end of session
datrrandomly generated stringat the end of session
lurandomly generated stringat the end of session
 pfinxed numberat the end of session
presencerandomly generated stringat the end of session  
 srandomly generated stringat the end of session
subnumberat the end of session
x-srcsource infoat the end of session
xsrandomly generated stringat the end of session


Remarketing is a way for us to connect with users, based upon your past interactions with the Voyages to Antiquity website. Third-party marketing vendors may be hired by us to perform remarketing services and as a result, third-party vendors, including Google, may show Voyages to Antiquity ads on other websites on the internet.

Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to our website. Any information collected is used only for remarketing purposes and will not be used by them for any other purpose.

You can opt out of customized Google Display Network ads by visiting Google Ads Preferences ›

To find out more about how Google uses any data it collects, please visit the Google's Advertising Privacy FAQ section › 

NameTypical contentExpires in
_drt_randomly generated string5 hours
idrandomly generated string2 years

More about cookies

You'll find more information about how cookies work at, and details on how to delete cookies from your computer. For information on how to do this on your mobile device browser, please see the respective manual.