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Booking Terms & Conditions

The following provisions apply to the booking of your Cruise, or Cruise-Tour and are the terms and conditions that apply upon the acceptance of your deposit by Voyages to Antiquity. They also cover any hotel or air arrangements made on your behalf by Voyages to Antiquity.


The following provisions apply to the booking of your Cruise, or Cruise-Tour and are the terms and conditions that apply upon the acceptance of your deposit by Voyages to Antiquity. They also cover any hotel or air arrangements made on your behalf by Voyages to Antiquity. By making a reservation and paying your deposit you agree to be bound by the provisions contained herein and to accept the terms and conditions of the Voyages to Antiquity Passage Contract (cruise ticket), a copy of which may be obtained from your Travel Agent or from Voyages to Antiquity.

The provisions herein contain important information on cancellation by the guest, changes in the itinerary, the limitations and exclusions of liability on the part of Voyages to Antiquity, the operator of the vessel and of independent contractors, the health and immigration requirements that are your responsibility, and other relevant terms and conditions.

Deposits and Payments

A 10% deposit is required within 7 days of booking or sooner as noted on your confirmation invoice. The final balance is due no later than 90 days prior to sailing. Guests who do not make required deposits or final payment at appropriate times are subject to automatic cancellation without notice. Cancellation penalties as indicated on the invoice or as set forth in these Terms and Conditions apply (see Cancellation Policy). American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, travel agency checks, and personal checks are accepted for deposits and final payments. Third party credit card charges can be accepted only when accompanied by valid authorization to charge from the relevant card owner.

Travel Protection

We strongly recommend that all guests purchase comprehensive Trip Cancellation/Interruption Protection Plan for the full purchase price of the cruise as well as any air and/or land arrangement costs. Please contact your travel agent or Voyages to Antiquity for further information. Please also read our Fitness to Travel statement before booking a cruise with Voyages to Antiquity >

Cancellation Policy

A full deposit refund is only made when cancellation notice is provided to Voyages to Antiquity no later than 120 days prior to the scheduled departure date. Any refund of payments will only be made by the same method as received. Guests who cancel for any reason including medical reasons are subject to the following cancellation fees per person based on the total charges made for the Cruise or the Cruise-Tour, plus any fees related to the early confirmation of air travel (said fees to be determined at time of cancellation):

Cancellation Charges

Number of days before sailingCancellation fee per person
Up to 120 daysNone
119 to 90 days10%
89 to 61 days25%
60 to 31 days50%
30 to 16 days75%
15 - 0 days100%

Government Fees and Taxes, possible Fuel and Exchange Rate supplements and Gift Orders are fully refundable regardless of the cancellation notice.

Changes to a Reservation

Changes to a reservation at any time, including air and hotel arrangements confirmed by Voyages to Antiquity, may result in an assessment of administrative fees and service charges by the third party supplier(s) and is beyond the control of Voyages to Antiquity.

Guests are responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of these changes. Some changes, including name changes, may be considered cancellations and applicable fees will be assessed.

Itinerary Changes

The cruise and tour programs featured in this brochure are planned many months in advance. Occasionally changes have to be made to the published itineraries both before and after bookings are confirmed as circumstances beyond the control of Voyages to Antiquity (force majeure), may require us to correct information in the brochure that appears by error or omission.

Most changes are minor but occasionally a “significant change” must be made. A “significant change” before departure is deemed to be a change to the initial embarkation or disembarkation port to a different geographical area or a change in the duration of your cruise and tour program by more than 12 hours.

Ports of call or timing changes in ports of call are not considered to be “significant changes.” Voyages to Antiquity shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss, inconvenience, or expense incurred by guests as a result of any changes or cancellations whether or not the changes are a “significant change.” (See further terms relating to changes and cancellation found in the Passage Contract.)

A cruise may be canceled for reasons of “force majeure” (including but not limited to war, civil unrest, natural disasters, and adverse weather conditions) or in case a governmental organization issues a specific travel warning in the area where the cruise is to operate. We also reserve the right to cancel a cruise at any time up to ten weeks before sailing if we consider there are insufficient reservations for the cruise to be viable.

If a “significant change” or decision to cancel a cruise is made, you or your Travel Agent will be advised as soon as possible about any alternative arrangements available. You can choose to accept these arrangements or cancel with a full refund.

In the unlikely event that a “force majeure” event occurs or a travel warning is issued, after a cruise has started, Voyages to Antiquity shall not be liable to pay any compensation for any changes in itinerary or omitted ports of call or shortened or lengthened stays in any port or ports other than refunds received by our suppliers.

The ship’s captain is responsible for the safety of the ship, passengers, and crew and has absolute discretion in making any alterations to the itinerary that he considers necessary.

Independent Travel Arrangements

Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible with regard to air or land travel or accommodation arrangements made using non-refundable, restricted travel or frequent flyer air tickets or frequent traveler hotel accommodations. This exclusion of liability includes the consequences of delays in the arrival at any airport, hotel, or port location that may occur when guests are using independently arranged air or land travel or when changes in travel arrangements may need to be made due to changes Voyages to Antiquity may make to the embarkation or disembarkation ports and the time of embarkation and disembarkation.

The Passenger Ticket/Passage Contract contains full terms and conditions for these exclusions.

Final Travel Documentation

Travel documents including any air tickets are issued only after passport details have been received and final payment has been made to Voyages to Antiquity. In most cases the final documentation is sent no later than 30-21 days prior to scheduled departure. It is the responsibility of the guest to verify that the full name(s) on any cruise, land, or air arrangements and reservations are the same as listed on his/her passport.

Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible for cancellation or pre-bookable fees imposed by any supplier due to incorrect names provided by the Travel Agent or guest.


The responsibility of Voyages to Antiquity and the operator of the vessel is strictly limited according to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Passage Contract that you receive prior to embarkation. You are urged to read the Passage Contract carefully. A sample is available to be mailed on request or can be viewed and printed from the Voyages to Antiquity website at any time. Transportation onboard the ship is provided solely by the ship operator and pursuant to the Passage Contract.

Voyages to Antiquity reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a guest for any reason. Voyages to Antiquity shall not be responsible for any act, event or omission during the time passengers are not aboard the Voyages to Antiquity vessel. Voyages to Antiquity acts only as an agent for the supplier of off-ship services such as airlines and other off-ship transportation carriers, meals, shore excursions, accommodations, air ambulance and shore-side physicians.

Guests agree not to hold Voyages to Antiquity, its owners, agents or representatives liable for any loss, injury, expense or damage which results directly or indirectly from any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any third party person or firm which is to, or does provide goods or services in connection with the trip or any available option.

Without limiting the foregoing, Voyages to Antiquity shall have no liability to passengers for the quality of services at, and the condition, cleanliness or safety of a hotel, housing facility, or conveyance, or for any transportation delay, including but not limited to liability for inconvenience, shortened vacation time, additional expenses, or any other kind of damage. Voyages to Antiquity expressly disclaims all responsibility of any nature whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury to property or person resulting from air, rail, motorcoach or any other form of transportation other than that actually provided by the Voyages to Antiquity vessel.

Air Transportation

Voyages to Antiquity does not operate, control or supervise any airlines and shall have no responsibility for carriers failing to meet schedules whether or not air tickets were issued by Voyages to Antiquity or its designated vendor.

Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible for any expenses or consequences relating to air transportation and that results from causes including but not limited to inclement weather, strikes, flight cancellations, changes/delays in the ship’s schedule or a change/delay in schedule or routing made by a guest, travel agent or airlines.

Any changes, including early ticket issuance and cancellations, requested by a Travel Agent or a guest to a confirmed flight reservation or issued ticket will incur an administrative fee. Any additional costs incurred by Voyages to Antiquity including penalties are made at the guest’s expense. Any charges imposed by an air carrier to Voyages to Antiquity after an air reservation is confirmed due to provision of incorrect name(s), or increase in airline related fuel surcharges, will be added to the total cost of your cruise or Cruise-Tour.

If an airline ticket issued in conjunction with a Voyages to Antiquity air program is lost the guest is responsible for the full cost of replacement. Airline tickets are only refundable to Voyages to Antiquity and the amount of any refund owing to the guest, is determined by Voyages to Antiquity.

Services Provided by Independent Contractors

All shore-side tours and services described in this brochure or on the website including air, hotel, transfers and excursions are provided by independent contractors. Voyages to Antiquity acts solely as ticketing agent for all shore-side activities and has no legal obligation or liability of any kind to guests for acts or omissions in connection with or arising out of arrangements with independent contractors, including but not limited to airline carriers, ground/tour operators, and hotels since they are neither agents for nor employees of Voyages to Antiquity.

Guests with Special Requirements

The cruise and tour programs featured in this brochure include extensive sightseeing and to fully participate each guest must be reasonably fit and have no walking difficulties. Whenever possible Voyages to Antiquity will try to accommodate guests with special needs as long as the mobility issues are not an impediment to others on the guided tours. For complete policy details, refer to the General Information section of this brochure or to that section of the Voyages to Antiquity website.

Luggage Handling

All luggage must conform to and will be handled in accordance with the regulations and restrictions of airlines, government security requirements, and third party suppliers. Individual Airline charges or fees relating to checked and carry-on luggage are the guests' responsibility. Applicable fees and charges can be found on each airline's website. Charges and fees relating to the carriage and handling of luggage excluding porterage at Voyages to Antiquity's included hotels or porterage at the pier and to/from the Voyages to Antiquity vessel are the guest's responsibility.

Voyages to Antiquity reserves the right to search guest luggage at any time and to refuse any items that might be considered dangerous. All handcarried luggage and personal effects are the responsibility of the guest at all times. Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible for the loss or damage to guest luggage. Luggage insurance is strongly recommended. Please refer to the Passenger Ticket/Passage Contract for the full details of the Voyages to Antiquity Luggage Policy.

Errors & Omissions

While Voyages to Antiquity makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information in this brochure, its promotions and as displayed on the website Voyages to Antiquity reserves the right not to honor any published fares that it determines were erroneous due to printing, electronic or clerical error.

Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible or liable for any typographical errors, omissions or misprints.

Complimentary drinks on board

*“Complimentary drinks on board” applies only to Odyssey Club members booked on the European Connoisseur cruise – departing 4th June 2019 only. The package includes soft drinks, designated house beer, house wine and house spirits. Please note that Champagne, Premium brand products, full bottles of wine, cocktails and speciality teas and coffees are not included. This offer applies to drinks consumed on board Aegean Odyssey only, and does not include hotel stays. We ask you to please drink responsibly and note that bar staff reserve the right to refuse service due to unreasonable behaviour. Odyssey Club members will have applicable charges deducted from their bill at the end of the cruise. 

Ship’s registry

The MV Aegean Odyssey is registered in Panama.

Last revision date: February 2019