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Your Pre-Cruise Information Guide

To assist you with your journey planning, please take a moment to review the information provided in the documents below. If you have any questions, please contact your travel agent or [email protected]

Contract of CarriageDownload ›
Essential Travel Information | 2018/19 Download ›
Visa Information View online ›
Emergency Contact Information formDownload ›
Gift Order FormDownload ›


Update Passenger Information

Before you travel and we issue your final documentation, you're required to provide full passport details, addresses and next of kin information. The information is passed on as required by government regulations to the local authorities and certain suppliers of your travel arrangements for the purposes of customs, visas and immigration clearances.

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Shore excursion information

We now produce a unique, dedicated cruise guide, created individually for each Voyages to Antiquity cruise. You can also find the shore excursion info for your cruise on the specific cruise page on our website. Full 2018/19 cruise guides are coming soon. 

The Aegean Experience I  | AEG180430Download ›
Ancient Greece & Dalmatian Coast  | AEG180508     Download › 
Classical Italy & the Adriatic | AEG180518                  Download ›
Renaissance Italy & Historic Islands | AEG180530     Download ›
European Connoisseur | AEG180611                          Download ›
The Norwegian Fjords | AEG180623Download ›
Iceland, Faroes & Shetlands  | AEG180707                Download ›
Iceland, Faroes & Shetlands  | AEG180805                Download ›
The British Isles  | AEG180722                                    Download ›
The Three Rivers | AEG180820                                   Download ›
Mediterranean Odyssey | AEG180901                         Download ›

Reading Guides

Voyages to Antiquity, together with renowned UK bookseller Blackwell’s, has put together a selection of books which provide the perfect accompaniment to your voyage. Full 2018/19 reading guides are coming soon.

The Aegean Experience I | AEG180430 Download ›
Ancient Greece & Dalmatian Coast  | AEG180508 Download ›
Classical Italy and the Adriatic  | AEG180518         Download ›
Renaissance Italy & Historic Islands  | AEG180530Download ›
European Connoisseur  | AEG180611                     Download ›
The Norwegian Fjords  | AEG180623                      Download ›
Iceland, Faroes & Shetlands  | AEG180707            Download ›
The British Isles  | AEG180722                                Download ›
Iceland, Faroes & Shetlands  | AEG180805            Download ›


Should you have any more questions about your cruise, visit our Frequently asked questions area or get in touch.