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Visa Requirements

The following information is correct at the time of printing but is subject to change at any time.

Specific information for your cruise and land program is provided below for US, Canadian, UK, Australian and New Zealand passport holders. All guests are reminded to check the latest requirements via their government’s Foreign Services/State Department website.

Guests whose nationalities are not mentioned above or below must contact the consulates of each country to be visited on their cruise itinerary to determine exact requirements. It is each guest’s own responsibility to ensure that they have the required documentation prior to travel.

Mediterranean Itineraries

No visas are currently required for US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand passport holders visiting France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Morocco and Portugal.

Group visas for Albania are obtained by the ship upon arrival for US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand passport holders. The cost of this visa is included in your cruise fare. 

Far East Itineraries

No visas are currently required for Australian, New Zealand, UK, Canadian and US passport holders visiting Spain, Morocco, Madeira, Canary Islands, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Seychelles, Mayotte, Maldives, Singapore, Oman. Visa requirements for South African citizens may vary and should be checked well in advance of your departure.



Voyages to Antiquity must have the following information relating to each passenger: full name (as it appears on passport), address, nationality, date and place of birth; plus passport number, expiration date, date and place of issue and insurance coverage information.

It is the responsibility of the guest to verify that the full name (s) on any cruise, land, or air arrangements confirmation received from Voyages to Antiquity or a designated travel agent is exactly the same as listed on his/her passport. 

Voyages to Antiquity is not responsible for cancellation or pre-bookable fees imposed by any supplier due to incorrect names provided by the guest or travel agent.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact a Voyages to Antiquity representative for further information.