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Guest speakers

Our celebrated speakers have been carefully selected for their knowledge of the art, history, archaeology, architecture, wine and cuisine of the areas we visit. Their informative and enlightening talks will entertain you and bring to life the history of the remarkable civilisations and cultures of the Mediterranean and the Far East.

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martin bell

   Acclaimed British journalist, UNICEF ambassador Lecturing on:
Dr Francis

dr francis broun

   Art Historian Lecturing on:
Prof Ian

prof ian brown

   School of Oriental and African Studies, London Lecturing on:
Dr Peter

dr peter cattermole

   Planetary Geologist/Volcanologist Lecturing on:
Prof Robin

prof robin cormack

   Courtauld Institute of Art, London Lecturing on:

francis cornish

   Retired British Diplomat Lecturing on:

jane da mosto

   Environmental Scientist Lecturing on:
Cannon Dr Anne

cannon dr anne davison

   Historian of Comparative Religion Lecturing on:
Prof Gregory

prof gregory dowling

   Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Lecturing on:

katharine eustace

   Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Lecturing on:
Robert A. E.

robert a. e. gordon

   President of the Britain-Burma Society Lecturing on:

pamela gordon

   Diplomatic Service Families Association Lecturing on:

ray hale

   Author & Wildlife Photographer Lecturing on:
Prof Edith

prof edith hall

   Professor of Classics, King’s College London Lecturing on:
Dr James

dr james hamilton

   Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham Lecturing on:
Dr Hannah

dr hannah harrington

   Chairperson of Religious Studies, Patten University Lecturing on:

anne-marie harrison

   Anthropologist Lecturing on:

denise heywood

   Journalist & Lecturer Lecturing on:
Prof James

prof james higginbotham

   Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology at Bowdoin College Lecturing on:
Dr Michael

dr michael hoff

   Professor of Art History, University of Nebraska Lecturing on:

gillian hovell

   Archaeologist Lecturing on:

glen johnson

   Professor Emeritus at Vassar College Lecturing on:
Sipra Bose

sipra bose johnson

   Associate Professor Emerita at State University of New York Lecturing on:
Prof David

prof david killingray

   Goldsmiths University, London Lecturing on:
Dr Kathleen

dr kathleen lynch

   Associate Professor of Classics, University of Cincinnati Lecturing on:
Dr Thomas

dr thomas mannack

   The Classical Art Research Centre, Oxford Lecturing on:
Dr Antoinette M

dr antoinette m mannion

   University of Reading Lecturing on:
Prof Alexander J.

prof alexander j. motyl

   Rutgers University, Newark Lecturing on:
Canon Brian

canon brian mountford

   University Church, Oxford Lecturing on:
Dr Richard

dr richard patterson

   Architect Lecturing on:
Prof Jonathan

prof jonathan phillips

   Royal Holloway, University of London Lecturing on:
Dr David

dr david price-williams

   University of London Lecturing on:

ernest rea

   Broadcaster Lecturing on:

anthony reid

   Historian, Southeast Asia Lecturing on:
Dr. Joyce

dr. joyce salisbury

   University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Lecturing on:

simone schofield

   Native Crafts Tutor Lecturing on:

andrew schofield

   Ecologist Lecturing on:
Dr Gillian

dr gillian shepherd

   La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia Lecturing on:

adam tanner

   Harvard University Lecturing on:
Dr Richard

dr richard thomas

   Department for International Development, UK Lecturing on:
Dr Joseph

dr joseph tullbane

   St. Norbert College Lecturing on:
Dr Candace

dr candace weddle

   Anderson University, South Carolina Lecturing on:
Prof Brian

prof brian williams

   University of Aberdeen Lecturing on:

christopher wood

   Archaeologist Lecturing on: